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block vs object storage, different worlds?

A scalable, resilient and secure storage space

Object Storage represents a major paradigm change in the data lifecycle. Objects have a software layer that manages metadata, access permissions and intelligent behaviours directly at the data level. It is a perfect place to store your static files and use them from your application, or simply make them accessible on the web.


There’s no need to anticipate the provisioning of the additional storage space to meet your growing needs. Object Storage provides unlimited space for your applications. Store all types of files, without being constrained by low disk space.


Your data is placed within geographically distributed clusters that have triple replication for each object. These replicas are placed on different disks, servers and data centers to ensure their longevity.


Access is always authenticated, unless you explicitly make a data set world accessible. data encryption on the client side is a piece of cake. You have full control on who accesses your data.

Integrated into your application

All actions can be carried out via APIs. This feature makes automation possible, and makes integration easier in application layers using your data. The Openstack Swift libraries, as well as S3 libraries, available in your preferred programming languages, will make this integration easier.

The INFN Cloud Object Storage is easily coupled with high level applications and can be used as a storage back-end for Sync & Share, remote backup, scientific data management services and much, much more.

What can I do?

backup up my data remotely, encrypting it at the client level

share my data with different people or communities, applying different policies and access privileges

transparently integrate storage management in my data analysis workflow

attach persistent storage data sets to ephemeral computing facilities