General FAQs

Question: Why do I need to be appointed as a system administrator

The appointment as system administrator is only needed in case you want to instantiate services, virtual machines, for personal use or for research collaborations.

This appointment is regulated by the "Regulations for the use of IT resources in INFN" 


Monitoring FAQs

Question: How can I check the status of the INFN Cloud infrastructure?

The status of the INFN Cloud infrastructure is presented on the page where not only the status of the various services that make up the INFN Cloud are displayed, such as of the authentication and authorization service, of the PaaS orchestrator and its components, of the two sites of the Bari and CNAF backbone, but also that of the federated sites Cloud @ CNAF, ReCAS-Bari and CloudVeneto.


Accounting FAQs

Question: How can I check the usage of resources of the INFN Cloud infrastructure?

The actual usage of resources in the INFN Cloud infrastructure can be checked by any user after authentication via INFN Cloud IAM by visiting the page where the user can check the usage of the common resources such as CPU time, number of VMs, RAM used. Data is aggregated per month and users can further aggregate it per site (Bari and CNAF backbone, but also the federated sites) and per project.

Technical FAQs

Technical Aspects FAQs

Question: I don't see my bucket POSIX mounted on the filesystem

First, check if FUSE is properly installed on your system. You can find information about this in the official sts-wire README:

Next, check the version of sts-wire you are using and, if necessary, download the latest release:

Before starting the program again, use the following command to clean the environment:

$ sts-wire clean 

Also check your configuration, in particular the local folder where you intend to mount the remote source and the PATH of the remote bucket, following the indications of the README:

If the problem persists, close the program and use the report command to submit information about the bug:

 $ sts-wire report 

Question: How can I open new ports on a deployment already running

In order to request opening of new ports on an already running deployment please follow the guide "How To: Request to open ports on deployed VMs"

Question: How do I enable security scans from inside my VM

In order to have your instance enabled to carry out security checks even from within the instance, the user must perform the following simple operations:

  • Log in via SSH on the instance (the username and IP address can be found by accessing the INFN Cloud dashboard, clicking on "Deployments", selecting "Actions -> Details -> Output values" for the deployment of interest)
  • Execute bellow commands which create an unprivileged user who will carry out the security checks. This user can only access via SSH key and only from 2 authorized servers:
    # sudo su - 
    # wget
    # chmod +x
    # ./

In case of problems you can contact