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  • For general communications email us at
  • To ask for support write to our mailing list, integrated with our ServiceDesk

Services trial questions

Want to see if our services can fit your workflows? Trying out our services and want more information? Contact us by writing a Services trial request and we’ll be happy to answer it.

Technical Support

Need help installing, configuring, or troubleshooting your services? Request assistance through our Technical Support dashboard.

Need help in addressing security vulnerabilities? Open a Technical support for Security Issues Request and we’ll be glad to help .

Bugs, new features and improvements

Help us improve our solutions and services by filling a Bug Report, Suggest a new feature or improvement


Need training on specific INFN Cloud arguments? Let us know what are the fields of your interest and we’ll find the right tutors and organize together with you the content of the training.

Need a virtual infrastructure to use for your hands-on tutorials and courses? Contact us for a training hosting infrastructure and we’ll build it according to your requirements.

For these and any other requests that you may have please use our ServiceDesk